LAZY!Happy Saturday.

IMG_4042Oh Lord! I am beyond lazy today. I guess it is Saturday. I managed to pluck up a little gogo Juice to make it around the lagoon this afternoon.Thanks to my Lovie who joined me on the walk. I am so scared of backtracking and becoming a couch potato again.  Otherwise it would truly be a stuck on the couch day. At least I have been experimenting on Zazzle for the time being. I plan to list a few more collections. I just found a great way to actually create all the items at once. Super idea. Here is the Zazzle Store I am not as concerned with sales for now but just exploring and developing ideas. Now, I will not lie. Sales would be a nice bonus but I am brimming with ideas for Zazzle, Spoonflower and Etsy. It is so hard to get surface designs products to market without these sites. I guess I will explore a little more.

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