A good day to walk

Blogday4My resolve to walk every day has been less than stellar lately. So this morning I slept late and took a B12 with my daily medications and coffee and decided that today I need to resume walking regularly and trying to get back to at least 10 000 steps a day. Walking helped me to regain my health after an unexpected illness and it helped walk off 110lb. So lately my laziness has been stressing me out. I have this goal of walking the Stanford Dish.  Lately I have been struggling to even make it to 6000 steps and the failure does not sit well with me. I am terrified that the old me will creep back into being in charge. This morning I set off with no real goal but I made it 2 miles(5500 steps). The sky was blue, the air crisp and my New Balance sneakers ready to go the distance. With Youtube and Nick Pitera in my ears I made it. The rest of the day I can now concentrate on laundry, homework and designs. This picture I took this morning is of a plant called the Pride of Madeira

A map of the Stanford Dish hike


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