Running hopelessly behind

quietmind.jpgIf I have all these great ideas to get things done while being creative and getting back up to 10 000 steps again then I am seriously going to have to stop watching random Youtube posts until 2am. I have homework to work on, I am determined to spend a little time on design and get my walking in every day. So naps do not have a time slot….It still found it’s way into my schedule today.

So walking done. Whole Foods and Walgreens run done. How come Whole Foods never has that one item you went there to pick up? I wanted Samosas to put with Curry for the guys for dinner tomorrow night. No luck.  Emails about Easter and our Rental lease done. We host most holidays at our house. The four cousins now aged 17, 15 and 14 still insist that they need an Easter Egg hunt. I love it. Only two more Easters and the two 17 year olds will be off to College. We always joke that they will come home from college to hunt for eggs.

The meme above was created utilizing one of my nature photos. Keep watching my Pinterest for new designs on Zazzle and Spoonflower . Hopefully Etsy will be up and running soon. I am making an effort to take fresh photos every day. We are so lucky to be living on the Bay Trails here in the SF Bay Area. It is so beautiful but just a little cold and windy.

Thanks for visiting and see you tomorrow.


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