Four Thousand by 7:30am


The illustration above is all that I managed to create yesterday. I found myself going around and around in circles. Fumbling and bumbling my way to the illustation above. I used painter and photoshop and a picture of a little blue buddha I keep on my desk.

Four Thousand Steps before 7:30 am. I am impressed with myself. I am not feeling great and I might have a kidney infection….fun. However, I walked the kiddo to his car this morning at dawn and it is always so calm and beautiful at that time of the morning. The air smelled sweet and floral. That encounter with that racoon the other morning made me skittish so I walked through the neighborhood instead of the lagoon trail. I will leave that walk for later today. I normally like to meditate midway but the benches were all damp with morning dew so I used my Calm app and did a walking meditation. If you have never tried it then give it a try. My therapist suggested it and I use it almost daily.

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