Pretty in Pink

blog6Wow!It is 7pm and I am finally getting around to this entry. A really busy day. I had school and then I was at Whole Foods again. I came home and dropped a few things off in the refrigerator. I took the car to be washed and then I went to drop off the laundry in this very convenient locker service at our local supermarket. You put your laundry in a locker in a bag. You close the locker and enter a pin. They text you a verification code and you are done. Then they text you when it is done and you pick it up from the locker. Come on, that is really great , you have to admit. The final stop was Michael’s to pick up some paper goods for Easter. Of course I came home with more than just paper goods. I found these awesome washi tape packs by a company called Jane Davenport. I have never heard of them…or her….until today. I also bought a book of her papers. I am obsessed with art paper.

I came home, changed my clothes and waited for my boy to come home from school so I could spend a few minutes chatting before he disappeared to study. Excited to be wearing my Birkenstock. sandals and not closed sneakers. IMG_0376 I was eager for a walk. The one very cool perk of living in the Bay Area. I love these random perfect blue sky warm days. The temp was a perfect ….74. It was also a bonus to have no wind at the lagoon today. I sat on a bench and called my mom before setting off on a nice mile walk. Today is one of those days when my feet fly and I can walk for miles. I have a daily goal of 10 000 steps. I used to be fanatical about it but I am struggling to get back to 10 000 so I will be strong enough to tackle The Dish. Came home whipped up dinner and here I am . Feet up and relaxing at last.  I just finished painting my toenails for the first time in maybe 20 years. I was too fat to do them myself. Now that I am 110 lb lighter I can do a pretty good job. Pretty in pink. I did not intend for this to be about my weight loss but I might mention it occasionally. Everything I am striving to become is intertwined with the medical crisis that almost took my life two years ago. But this is more about my new appreciation of life, fighting depression, panic, anxiety and PTSD caused by the medical crisis. I found a wonderful therapist who has helped me come a long way in the two years. I am determined to be the best me I can be. Well enough of that. Have a wonderful night, morning or afternoon wherever you may be.


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