Gone with the wind


Ok Here goes. A second attempt at a blog. Such a waste of a day…a day that is gone with the wind. I woke up in anticipation of having a lovely warm and windless day to walk again. That walk last night invigorated me and made me want to get back into the rhythm of walking. The moment I put my feet on the ground I could hear the wind howling outside. A peek outside the blinds and I could see that it had been raining. Darn it. I walked the kid out to his car and it was freezing and that crazy wind. So I came back and went back to bed. I slept until I had to head out to my therapist visit. It feels good when I can come away knowing I am making headway in living with a better attitude and joy.
Well I came home and fell asleep on the couch after lunch…lazy girl.  I am now busy getting dinner for the guys and then I am heading off the school at 5.30pm. I cannot say that this particular class thrills me. End user interface….not exactly exciting.

The pictures below of the beautiful  Mala necklace/bracelet that I ordered. It arrived today. It is a solid material called Amazonite.I want to learn to utilize them for meditation. Well gotta run. No design work accomplished today. Have a magical evening.


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