Gratitude, Ginger Jars and Giclee


Altered Art Trading Card

Darn, that is so weird I cannot think of a title. If you see the word “title” up above then you will know that I never figured out anything witty. So today I slept until 10:30am…delicious. I got up and registered for three college classes for the fall. I have skipped taking math online this summer. I have decided I want to just relax and maybe keep calm Then I continued on a new scarf idea until it was time to make lunch. I was happy with the end result.


Lunch was Elote and Papusa…..The corn was heaven. It is supposed to be grilled but I tried cooking them in the Instantpot. Wow…two minutes and they were perfect.

I then decided to pluck up the courage to go and walk around the 2018 Silicon Valley Open Studios at a friend’s church. I wanted to suss out the situation to see if it would be worthwhile and if I am good enough to apply. I was in a tizzy just plucking up the courage to just go and walk around. Crazy huh! Well, it was nice walking around and looking at other artists. I actually bought a painting from an artist. I just loved this little painting. It was by a local artist Diane Lee Moomey. I loved one of her other works featuring these two ladies but it was more expensive and I did not go there expecting to spend money.

Real Women for sure.

I then went and walked around the church sale and I could not resist this tiny little Chinese ginger jar. It is about 2 inches tall. Adorable.


Blue Ginger Jar

I went to pick up some hardware for use on my stall on Monday and then I came home. I spent the rest of the afternoon making price tags and a few other things. We ordered dinner from the little Mediterranean place here in our little neighborhood. The boy has been mooning over his girl the whole day. They are all writing AP tests this week so he was so happy when she said she could take a break and so he has gone over to visit her. We spent some time watching a very funny comedy hour with John Mulaney…it was good to laugh that hard. Nothing like a little non-crude humor…..and I am not a prude,,,, just an FYI. Now that I have your attention…… So what it with the picture at the top of the blog?  That is one of those many different pursuits I spoke about a few weeks ago. This is one of many artist trading cards that I made during that phase of my artistic life. I used to love making them. I used to create them for these weekly theme exchanges. You would create 5 in that theme and then mail them to 5 people on your list and you would recieve cards from artists all over the world. I spotted them today as I was pulling into the garage tonight so I figured I would share. I used to receive so many beautiful cards from places like Israel, New Zealand etc.

Tomorrow I need to stitch all of my labels into the 20 scarves that arrived and prep the paperwork so that I can try to set up the stall on Monday.

Well, goodnight. It is cool to say I actually fought through my severe anxiety and actually got out and about for a while. Also great to come up with some new and creative ideas for a change. Anything for some calmness in my life. Sweet dreams and see you tomorrow.

Not sure what is up with the colors but this is a low res Jpg.






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  1. Elaine says:

    Ah live the ginger jar.

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  2. Elaine says:

    Sorry. Love.
    And I think the painting is beautiful good choice Sharon.

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