Taste the rainbow.


Scarf Rainbow ready for my stall. 


Today I was pretty industrious. My anxiety, as usual, poked its nose into my day but staying industrious getting ready to pack in my stall kept my mind busy.  I still have odd bits and pieces to get done so I am going to wait until Friday to actually load in the spot. I want all of the things to be done properly before I head on down to set up my products. I am working on some decor and a sign for the stall. I spent the afternoon sewing my own personal labels onto the scarves. That job is super tedious but I think it is important to get the label out there.

I also put Max’s graduation announcements in their envelopes so that I can mail them tomorrow. I have had three parcels in my car for almost 3-4 days so I need to get to the post office. Laundry is done and I cooked a Blue Apron meal that I bought at Costco. It was not too complicated but I always worry about sodium with these type of kits. The guys said it was alright. I could not eat it because I am allergic to beef.


My fitness has gone to hell in a handbasket. Going up the stairs is winding me so I think tomorrow I need to start doing a little exercise to build up my stamina again. I am down on myself for being unfit again. I have been fighting with food again this week. I have put on 5 pounds and I want it GONE! Today I felt in control of the food and not the food in control of me. I love these days.

My poor mama fell really badly today. I love you Lanibeth. I hope that you feel better soon. It sounds pretty nasty. Poor thing. She is a young 75 but she could have really been hurt. This is the second time in 12 months.

I have a number of plans for this week. I need to keep on task so that I get everything done. I hope that your week goes well. Thanks for stopping by. See you tomorrow.


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  1. Elaine says:

    Im ok babe no stress. Sore bones but that’s it. Haha .

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