Walking in the wind

IMG_6909I woke up determined to get some jobs done today. After the boy left for school I decided to keep on sewing the labels onto the scarves. I had to go and buy some ingredients for dinner so I took this opportunity to mail graduation announcements to local family and family in South Africa and Australia. I finally got the dress returns in the mail. Thank goodness. Now just have to take the bow ties back to Macy’s. I am so bad about getting this stuff done. I knew that if I went to Whole Foods I would more than likely keep my lunch pretty healthy. I did want to buy unnecessary items but at any rate, I remained in control. I got two sweet potato samosas for lunch and an Aqua Fresca. I love this certain brand of Almond Butter that I enjoy as a snack.

I came home and logged onto a California Gov site to apply for a Sellers Permit. It was surprisingly easy. The actual email letting me know my permit was ready came in before the email telling me that they had my application. Something ran smoothly with the government…wow. Completely painless. I was determined to get my butt out for a stroll around the lagoon…hence the daisy picture above. I made it and a mile under my belt and I mentally feel better because I exercised.

I have about four more scarves to label and then I will be ready for Friday. Tomorrow I have school. I have to give a presentation tomorrow. Heaven help me. Lord, I am too old for that.  I got my first C this week in that darn animation class. I am proud of it…LOL.

That scale freaked me out last night and this morning. Insane that I can be so restricted and put on weight. Here is hoping that the walks will help,. Today I hit 1200. Too much but it is what it is.

I am busy working on some new styles. I want to make a scarf with some “women with bodies of substance”. I am struggling with it at the moment. If I get it right then I will share. So guess what guys…Four days until the weekend. Hang in there. IMG_6894


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