IMG_6870If this blog peters out all of a sudden then you know I have fallen asleep….and I am playing hooky again from school this evening. You guessed it…that darn animation class. Two weeks…just two more weeks. THANK GOD! I have to create a Google doodle and I am done. I know now that I should stay away from nighttime classes. They do not work for me. I was knackered tonight…not sure why…Nutrition? To think I have the same guy for two classes next semester and the classes are back to back. Six hours…Lord help me. I hope I am up for it. He is a super old guy, very knowledgeable but he does not teach he just goes through everything very fast like he is reviewing it for himself and then he forgets how to do certain things. Everything I accomplish in his class I learn on youtube. I am not kidding.

I had an English class this morning. I had to give a presentation on a topic relating to The Alchemist. Thank goodness that is over. I then set off on a stealth mission to the kiddo’s school to drop off a surprise that will be given to him on their Senior Retreat. I will not mention what it is right now just in case he stumbles on this blog. Now I am sure he is not reading his mother’s blog but you never know. It is just something especially sentimental. I picked up lunch and I came home. I am not sure what I did this afternoon apart from sewing tags onto the last of the scarves. I did not cook dinner because I did that early this morning because of school. On Wednesday my son’s school starts at 9:45 am and I like to get up to walk with him to his car so I can sleep late tomorrow. Thank goodness. Did I mention that my bags and pouches have been shipped and they will be here on Saturday so I can put them in my stall next week?

It is finally warming up a little. I am tired of all of the warm clothing…listen to the California girl moaning about the cold weather. I do not have sandal feet. I am in desperate need of a pedicure. I need to make a plan tomorrow for sure.

I am still working on a “women of substance” idea for a scarf. All the chunky girls I have drawn so far are not working for me. Tomorrow is a “Not Jean” day. Let us see how this goes tomorrow. I love playing something in the background and I cannot find anything exciting tonight. I drew a blank on youtube, tv, Hulu,  and Amazon. I have finally found Kevin James doing standup on Netflix. I like shows that can play in the background while I work. I have found an awesome new author(new to me) on Audible. I have listened to 3 of her books already. I just started the fourth book today. Her name is Kristin Hannah. If you want soppy happy endings then these are not the books for you. The books are books for women but they are gritty and real life and the stories have plausible endings. I am riveted. I love her descriptives and the emotions she creates are intense. I have been driving and crying on more than one occasion.” FireflyLane” was intense and the follow up “Fly away which deals with the same characters is just as intense. At the moment I am listening to another of her books called “Night Road”. It seems very promising. It has my attention already.

Sorry guys this is all that I have in me today. Today I had a record number of people and views. Thanks to whoever visited today. I appreciate the visit. Have a super night. Tomorrow is hump day….heading towards the weekend so hang in there.


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