Fluffy Freeda

fluffyfreedainstagramI have always been fascinated by that iconic portrait of the great Frida Kahlo in all of her floral magnificence and so I have had this desire to create a curvy Frida…no reason I just have been wanting to create a curvy lady and she seemed to be the perfect muse. So this is my lady. I have called her Fluffy Freeda. Now before you get all huffy and politically correct on me…I am a fat girl and I am not making fun of curvy gals. I do not normally create stuff and then love it but I do like the way she turned out. This picture is a low-quality jpg so the true colors are a little warped. I spent a quiet morning at home today coming up with this design. I needed to calm my nerves. I woke up tired again. This is starting to tick me off. I am dying for a day of energy again. Maybe the anxiety is not helping.

This afternoon I had an appointment with “Not Jean”. After an email to Jean telling her I am struggling with “NJ” it was much better today. I think it is finally starting to feel productive. She is an extremely nice, kind lady.  I am just needing to get the boy to college and maybe the anxiety will start dissipating. I got there 5 min late. This freaking Bay Area traffic. I always leave about 30 minutes before the appointment but today the 101 was at a standstill. After the appointment, I went to Walgreens to pick up a few items and then I went to pick up some milk tea treats at the Happy Lemon. Love that stuff and so do the boys. drink-phone3.pngCame home to the boy telling me that he had to go back to school for an AP Study session. He has an AP test tomorrow and then Friday is technically his last instruction day of High school.   I  rushed to make him some dinner and he was on his way. Lovie came home and I sat with him while he ate dinner and now I am engrossed in this show called “The Missing” on Amazon Prime. I love long drawn out British Murder mysteries. This is the second season. Some excellent drama. Tomorrow I have school and I may just go find a place to have a much-needed pedicure before sandal season is in full swing. Oh well. Thanks for the visit. See you tomorrow.

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  1. Elaine says:

    Love Fluffy Freeda. Beautiful as always.


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