Mental Acrobatics

IMG_6792TGIF…that is for sure. I am so mentally wiped this week. Today it was time to see if “Not Jean” was going to work once and for all. It went much better. It seemed to gel today. I wish I did not need it but I am truly so sad at the prospect of this kiddo leaving for college in 4 months. He actually finishes classes in one week. I cannot fathom how we got here that quickly. Darn. He got his college email address today.

I decided that I was going try really hard to get into a better mood so I decided to go to Michaels to walk around and look for some specific craft items. It is highly amusing that I spent some money but left without what I meant to purchase. I, however, feel proud of myself because I purchased the decorations for the family graduation party. I also visited the bakery to order a graduation cake for the celebration. At least that gave me a sense of accomplishment.

I came home to some of my new scarves on the doorstep. It was a replenishment of the ones that I have sold and a few new designs. I am so happy with the new ones. Really cool. I am thinking that I am going to go and buy coathangers and make a sign for my stall and then go down and set up the stall on Monday morning. It will not be polished but it might be worthwhile because it is mother’s day next weekend. I have to give it a go. I am excited. Last night I spent $400 on scarves, purses and poaches as well as the pegboard hardware. Here goes nothing. I hope this new challenge will lift my mood.


Happy Weekend everyone. I know I am going to sleep late tomorrow.I do however want to go and investigate “Silicon Valley Open studio” at a friend’s church tomorrow. I am exploring all the ways to get the business going. Thanks for stopping by…See you tomorrow. IMG_6791

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  1. Elaine says:

    Roses are beautiful and I love your blog.

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