Square peg in a round hole

IMG_1159This picture was how I presented my products to the guy at the craft place yesterday. I went to Costco for a few items and then picked up a few things at the grocery store. I spent the rest of the day agonizing on what items to spend my seed money. I bought some hardware to fit the pegboards for my little stand and then a variety of the items from the designs above, I looked at the different sites to see where I could get the best prices. I have 32 items sitting in a shopping cart. Ready to check out and get this show on the road. I think that even if the hardware is not here by next week I will make sure that I get there next Wednesday and maybe figure out a different way to display the items. I am looking forward to getting this going.

I skipped school today. Struggling so much with sadness today. It really is helpful to keep busy with my little craft store project. I am sure hoping that I will get this going somewhere. Onward and upward. Now I have time for a few new designs.

Tomorrow there is an appointment with Not Jean again. I hope to goodness that she brings her A game tomorrow. I need her to have her bleep together. I have at least maintained control of the food today. That was one good thing.

Guess what! It is Friday tomorrow. This weekend I am going to visit at least one artist in residence showings.  I am exploring all of the opportunities that I can imagine.
Thanks for stopping by. See you tomorrow. Sweet dreams.IMG_6797

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