Rollercoaster and Rosaries`

471ED4BB-1A55-4F94-BA07-C106BBDB8322If you came here looking for amusement park musings you are in the wrong place. The rollercoaster I am referring too is the rollercoaster of emotions that our family is going through with two of the cousins graduating and leaving home for college. Today I attended a religious ceremony at my nieces catholic school. It was a very moving ceremony and I had my mama and sister on either side of me crying. My anxiety is so bad as it is and after the rough day I had yesterday I am surprised that I held it together. It was good spending time doing something different like this.

After that we took a drive over to the Cottage Craft business to find out about hiring a booth. I showed them my products and they were enthuased and I am now the proud renter of a 6fx3ft booth. I am busy buying a small amount of stock to put out next week. I might catch some mother’s day business if I move my butt. I need to figure out how to hang the scarves for optimal viewing. I have some great ideas. I will post a picture once I have put it together initially.

On the drive today I passed my  ex therapist’s house and the moving van was there. So she is really gone to retire in a more relaxing place than this horrible shithole aka The Bay Area. On Friday I will give not-Jean one more try and then if it does not work I will have to find someone else. This college thing is making the food issues rear their ugly head. So maybe I need ED specialist. Not easy to find.

After I signed the paperwork and paid my deposit it was a little late for lunch so we went back to the darling, funky little  Heartbeat cafe. The sandwiches were wonderful again. It is really a sweet little place. If you are in Campbell California you can look it up.

i have been thinking about the math option for this summer. I think I might just skip making any commitment to a math class and spend the summer with my boy and designing and working on the creative side. The creativity keeps me sane when I am struggling to find peace and contentment. Oh well it is time to go to sleep….the Ativan and dimetapp combo are starting to work. Sleep tight and see you tomorrow. Thanks for your visit.


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