To sum it up.

IMG_6794Weird day today. I cannot say that I am all sunshine and yellow roses today. My mood is less than stellar. Not very exciting to write about a funk but maybe writing through the funk will help. I had school this morning. The English class is basically done but we still need to show up and when you are not in the right frame of mind it can be tedious. I love being in school again but I am for some reason over it at the moment. I just do not want to make the effort. Thank goodness most of my final projects are done. I have to create a Google doodle for the hated animation class and present an English presentation. All the other work is done. Thank God. I am actually sitting in the animation class as I am typing this blog…shhhhh. I hate this darn class. Did you know that I hate this class?…LOL. I just want to stay home and be alone at the moment. It is taking everything in my soul to force myself out into the world. I am looking for a replacement for Not Jean. I will just have to grit my teeth until I find someone else. I saw the nutritionist today and I am working hard at ironing out the kinks in my attitude to food and overeating to suppress anxiety. Absolutely no design again today. This I think is why the school is bumming me out. I have no time for design. I just need to hang in there for two more weeks.

Tomorrow I am going to visit the family in the South Bay. I am going to a senior mass at my niece’s Catholic school and then I have that appointment with the owner of the craft store where I want to show my scarves and hopefully I can rent a space if he is interested in my products. I am waiting for new samples to arrive so I have limited items to show. Tonight I need to put together a few pictures of items from the website. I am planning on doing a required algebra class this summer online but at the same time, I do not want to be bothered. I could spend the summer spending time with my kiddo and working on the business dream.I have to register on Saturday so I will be thinking long and hard about this math class. The tickets are booked to Boston and the Hotel near the college is booked. Shit did really just get real..thus the funk.

Today it is the baby of the cousins 15th birthday and next week we celebrate the second youngest’s 16th and then my baby sister’s birthday and mother’s day. I think we might be celebrating this weekend.
I am hoping that tomorrow I will feel less miserable. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer but this is how it goes in real life.

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