Violet Bobcat stomps out the Teal Elephant

img_6800.jpgThank goodness I did not sleep until lunchtime today. I actually got things done for a change. Laundry is done and dusted. I worked on a design or two. Made the guys’ french toast and applewood bacon for lunch. This afternoon I did not do very much. Around lunchtime, the boy had to decide Tufts in the fall or NYU in the spring. He chose NYU as expected. I cannot say I was thrilled by it but I guess that I get to keep him until the end of January next year. I guess that is pretty neat. I do not know if it makes me feel any better. But I guess you need to let them go sometime. We have told him that he needs to get a job as soon as he has graduated in 3 weeks,

This evening I needed to clear my head and go for a walk. Bill offered to come with me and we did a mile around the lagoon. I am so unconditioned. It is tragic. Nothing much else to be shared today. I know, I know kind of boring. We went to a Mother’s day dinner last night. The guys gave me cards and some cash. Very cool. I have been meaning to go for a facial and I think I will use the cash to do so. Well here comes another week. I have two weeks left of school. Hurry up already. I just want to be done.

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