Happy Mother’s day

IMG_6964Here it is. My little stall in the http://www.cottagecrafts.com/ in San Jose, California, I am hoping that this is going to be a good start to the scarves and accessory business. It was fun setting it up. The purses, totes and pouches still need to added. This is pretty exciting. Things seem to be moving at last. I have a friend on facebook who is just a facebook friend. We have been friends for years. I recently sent her a scarf because I really think she is very sweet and today she bought  nine scarves from my redbubble store. I am blown away. This is crazy. Very cool. But I digress. Nana, Papa and my baby sis Jo helped me set up the stall and then I took them out to lunch for Jo’s birthday. We went to one of Jo’s favorite places. A cool greek place in Campbell California. It was really good.

Last night we attended the last musical concert at the Priory. I do not have many pictures because for the first time I put the camera down and I was in the moment enjoying seeing my kiddo performing for the last time.

Senior Photo Op
Senior photo op

I came home and decided to dose myself with a sleeping concoction. Do not ask what….LOL, and I went to sleep around midnight. I woke up at 1.05pm today for the first time. That was seriously the best sleep I have had in months. It was weird to lose half of the day but I was rested enough to finish my google doodle for that stupid animation class. That concludes all the work that needs to be done for that class.

This evening we decided to pull ourselves together and the boys took me to dinner for mother’s day. We remembered that we had a $100 OpenTable reward that we have been meaning to cash in for 3-4 years…no kidding. We cashed it in and made a reservation at an Italian restaurant a few miles away. We all realized that we are not used to eating carb heavy meals. I never cook like that and the only pasta we ever eat is an occasional lasagna. It was a nice evening out…even though Lovie was momentarily in the dog box over a parking issue. Too complicated to explain but typical Billy.


We have our boy home for a change so we all sat and watched tv shows that had stacked up…like the old days. He is now officially finished high school except for a few AP tests, presenting his senior project, Senior Mass/dinner and then graduation. Tick Tock. He needs to find a job to keep himself busy until he heads off to college…MMMMMM college…whichever one that may be. He is now weighing up Tufts against NYU. His 72 hours are up tomorrow midday. Tomorrow is Mother’s day. Happy Mother’s day to all of the moms reading this today. I hope that you are spoiled today. Thanks for stopping by.


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  1. Elaine says:

    Lovely seeing boy boy. He is so happy on stage.


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