Well, that was a complete waste of time yesterday. That was most definitely the wrong place to be selling the scarves. Firstly when I got there I was sent to the wrong spot. I had set up the whole thing when this guy shows up and lets me know that I was in the wrong spot. I had to move everything over to my spot and then drive the car over. My neighbor was annoying and he had set up his anime toys so that I could not get into my van at the end. I felt like a fish out of water. I sold one scarf. It was the wrong items for the environment. There were just cheapskates who would never pay $45 for a scarf. My mom came and spent most of the day with me and my sister and niece came to visit me. Saved the day. It was good to see them. I had them take nana home because it started getting hot and we were dodging the sun because the stalls are under solar panels so the shade constantly moves. Let us just say it was a very, very long day. I was frazzled by the end of the day. I paid $35 for the day and sold a scarf for $35. So net gain $0. Very disheartening. I do not know where to go from here. I am not ready to give up but I am befuddled and so stressed anyway. Today I went downstairs and sorted all of the items. I reorganized the scarves in color order and then I folded and packed away the little leather trim clutches and good scarves so that they do not get dusty. I have now got it all squared away and ready for the next event. I am thinking maybe doing the San Carlos farmers market on the last Sunday in August. Then possibly the Holiday Fairs and boutiques.

IMG_7751 2The anxiety is spiraling as usual. Today cleaning and organizing was a little cathartic I guess. Oh well…Here comes another week. This week I have some appointments and I am going to keep looking at possible Holiday Faires. Have a great week.


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