Darn it….again.

img_1579.jpgMy apologies for the photo. Not that enthralling and a little out of focus….just like me right now. The boy is back in New York and started his new semester today and I miss him already. I miss the singing. I have been cleaning out my closet and selling all of my old designer purses and the purge feels good. I had this old LV Noe purse that was a 1980s relic. I sold it for double what I had paid for it at an estate sale and I promised myself that once I have sold most of the old ones I was going to treat myself to a new LV Noe….drool. So now I can do it and now I have analysis paralysis. Decisions, decisions. I put all my goodies back into the boy’s room and transformed it back into my office yesterday. I tried to organize and trim items before I put it back together. I am trying to keep it streamlined. I now have all my for sale items cataloged and placed in a numbered bins and areas. I do not have a lot of items but I am always losing shit and then when it sells I am scrambling to find it. This will no longer happen.

So yesterday I started feeling a little shitty and sure enough once again I have a UTI. God, it is annoying. I keep home tests in the medicine cabinet and when I checked I was right. Today I really do not feel that great. I actually feel feverish…can not check because we do not have a thermometer in the house. My back and side are aching and I just generally feel Meh. I emailed my doctor last night and although she is on sick leave she put in a test order that I went and did this morning. I am still waiting for the result. It is pretty slow for them. I could have started antibiotics already although because of my cdiff history I am not crazy about the fact that I was on antibiotics two months ago. I am also not a fan of sepsis so I would rather not have a UTI getting out of control.

I went shopping for new bedding for the boy’s/guest bed. The bed could do with a little freshening up. I am a sucker for white bedding so I found some beautiful white sheets with lace trim and a lovely white duvet cover. I wandered around the store for a while but the urgent need to pee is not conducive to relaxing and wandering. I packed it in and then I went to the drugstore to get some AZO painkillers and then to Trader Joes to cheat on dinner for the lovie. I do not feel like cooking today…Alright, the truth be told…I NEVER feel like cooking. It is just not my thing.

I think tomorrow I might just stay home and draw some items to submit to Adobe stock images. That is how I am going to make my fortune…not. I actually uploaded four images on Sunday night and three were approved. I think I have mentioned before that I have sold the same doodle of the Golden Gate bridge 5-6 times. On Thursday I have an appointment with Not Jean..my first appointment in 3 weeks. Should be interesting.

What can I say…I love taking weird photos because I like to look at the fine details. 

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