OK, So I lied…

So we completely lied to you and the whole family. We had planned to bring the boy home months ago to surprise everyone. We fooled them completely. Nana was even a little mad when I told her that he would not be coming. We set it up so that he hid upstairs and once everyone was here we said we would facetime him. So everyone got to wish him and ask him why he was not home etc. Then he said wait I want to show you something and paused the video and he came downstairs and everyone went crazy. It was a wonderful Thanksgiving and we got to celebrate Papa’s 75th birthday on that day as well.

The infamous stair photo.

It was so good to see him with his cousins.I know that he misses them and they miss him. It is so wonderful to see how close they really are.

Together again.

It was a really loud and fun day. We have had him all to ourselves for the rest of the weekend. He hung out with friends the night before Thanksgiving but he has been relaxing in his room composing new music to his heart’s content. He is so grown up and mature and it is so nice to be able to hang out with him. I cannot believe that he is almost 20 years old. Now he has always been an “old man” but he has become a confident, competent and responsible young man. The house just feels so different when he is here. For one thing he is always singing. I am in the kitchen right now and I can hear him singing in the shower. I realized just how much I miss the constant singing. It has been a wild weather weekend so we have all been hunkered down and only ventured out twice to go to dinner. Even if you are all doing your own activity is is wonderful to just once again experience a few minutes of days that are truly a thing of the past. He is upstairs getting ready for the trip back to college. I am going to miss him again but he will be back in exactly 18 days and I cannot wait.

Happy 75th Papa

I have exactly two weeks left of school..two Thursdays with only one real final in Oceanography. Thank God I am going into it with a 94 so even if I biff it I would be fine. I am also rocking I think 96 in Math and so that is not going to be an issue. The last class is advanced photoshop and that does not concern me at all. Then I am done and dusted. The degree accomplished and I can walk with other graduates in June 2020..Not sure if I will actually walk as I feel like an idiot at 53. I will be honest and tell you in true Sharon fashion I am now freaking out. I am wanting to dedicate 2020 to setting up a business and I am terrified as to what to concentrate on. I have been doing the thrifting reseller hobby for the old guy I met at Goodwill and it is really fun but I am only willing to dedicate once a week to listing and no more. I want to spend time exploring all business ideas. I know that I am not into direct selling. I just completed a Christmas fair in Belmont, California and nana kept me company. Sorry but I just cannot talk to people like that. I am a nervous wreck during those situations. I think I need to work for myself and online as that is where I am most comfortable. I could of run out of that fair screaming because I was so anxious.

I ordered something for myself that I have wanted for years. A dreambox made by the original scrapbox. It is amazing and mine was supposed to arrive this past Friday but I think snow in the Sierras have slowed down the arrival. I am taking the desk out of the boy’s room and replacing it with the dreambox so the room can really be my office. Here is a link to it. I can finally have a place to keep all my tools of the trade. All of my paper, ribbons, art supplies etc. Not a sponsored link I just like sharing.


I do not have much more to share I guess. I am about to make the guy some lunch and then off to the airport. Sorry that I haven’t written lately. The anxiety has been getting the best of me. I forgot to mention that I started physical therapy as an MRI confirmed that I have two bulging discs and one torn disc. However I went to the second physiotherapy appointment and I went there with no pain. Lord I swear that is annoying. I have been feeling better physically lately. The back is under control and my sciatica seems to be calm at the moment. I waited so long for these darn appointments that it is now much better. I have another appointment on Wednesday and on Friday I have an appointment with J the nutritionist lady. I am supposed to see her more often as I am struggling with the food but it is also nearly impossible to get an appointment but it is all good. It is going to be a busy week so I can keep my brain occupied so that I do not miss Boy too much. Oh well. Depending on which hemisphere you occupy stay warm or stay frosty. Happy Holidays and hopefully I will write soon. I am going to start decorating and I will post holiday pictures as I start decorating.

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