To Honor or not to Honor that is the question.

IMG_7016Arghhhh! When will this semester be over? I am so anxious for it to be done. I am skipping class again tonight. I submitted my last project and I noticed that working on the project is the main agenda so I am not going to bother. It seems useless. I am supposed to be doing an Honor’s track in the English class and today I found out that we were supposed to fill in an Honors request weeks ago. This professor is truly a flake. So I have no idea if I am doing honors or not. At this stage of the game, I really do not care. I want to be done.  After school today I went to my favorite place again…Mints and Honey in San Carlos. This little flower vase was on the table. Not sure what type of flowers those are but they smelled wonderful. I sat there until about 2pm and then I wandered home. I am spellbound by another book by Kristin Hannah, “Night Road”. This woman is amazing. Her books keep me riveted. I normally save my Audible membership for walking or driving but I must confess that I am so taken with this book I have spent the afternoon working on the computer while listening to Night Road.

The boy has been gone all day. He had an AP test and then hung out with friends at school. He went and picked up bubble tea and took it back to school for his pals and one of his friends brought them lunch. That school is so great for kids in different grades hanging out together. He just got home and he seems super hungry which is very unusual for this string bean.

Today I received my tote bags and pouches for my stall. They are all a little smaller than I thought so I am not sure I can sell them for as much as I had hoped. I have to think about it. It is great to see that they are made in the USA and the quality is really lovely. The designs have been printed with vibrancy. Bright and colorful and well made. Here are a few of them still in their packaging.


Tomorrow it is time again for “Not Jean”. The first “Not Jean” visit since I found out about the NYU thing…lots to talk about. The interactions are definitely improving and I have decided to stick it out for now.


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