I am not invisible


Today started off ok. I got to sleep in and then see the guy off at 11 am to his AP test at school. I had my appointment with “Not Jean”. I spent the morning working on the Honors essay possibly for an Honors class that is most likely null and void and I have an extremely bad I don’t care attitude. I had an appointment with “Not Jean”. It went fairly well. So after the appointment, I went to pick up dinner ingredients to make curry for dinner and then I headed down El Camino from San Mateo to Belmont. (It is not worth taking the freeway at around 5pm.)I always duck under the train at a specific point to get to one the back roads but today I decided to skip it and stay on El Camino. I honestly had just said to myself…I wonder how the trip will change because I changed routes and a guy stopped at a red in a left turn lane turns out into my lane in his Tesla as I am driving past. There was a car in front of me and a car in back of me and he just slams right into the rear side of the car. I am sure there is about $3000 worth of damage and my back is achy. I hope that it is nothing that is going to bother me. He is completely to blame. Too many cars and too many people in the Bay Area and people drive like idiots. The annoying thing is the inconvenience of not having a car for the time it takes to have the car repaired.

So now for the weirdness. This is never a place that Max frequents. When I got home I went to “Where is my iPhone to see where Max was and low and behold he is in exactly the same spot that I initially stopped in the accident. Okie Dokie. I was weirded out, to say the least. I was befuddled thinking somehow the satellite had crossed wires with my phone. So I checked again and it shows him literally in the exact same parking spot I had pulled into after the accident to exchange information. When he got home he confirmed that he had parked in the exact same parking spot in the lot…about 20 min after I left. Neither of us ever use that parking lot and I am so weirded out by the coincidence. Strange forces at work. The reason I decided to go straight at the light was that the back street has become congested and there are a number of body shops on that stretch of road and you have to dodge mechanics running across the street.

That was more excitement than I needed today. Well at least it is Wednesday and we are on our way to the weekend. Thanks for stopping by. Take Care.

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