Lights, Camera and Action.

IMG_7060This is my little booth..up and running. I am pretty happy with how it has turned. out. One of the scarves has been sold…thrilling. What I can gather so far it seems like the dragonflies are the winners. I have sold a total of 19 scarves and I think that close of half has been ones with dragonflies on them. I have been experimenting with different suppliers I went down the south bay after seeing the Nutritionist. It was a pretty productive meeting. Thank goodness. Trying to mentally chill out after that car accident the other night. The drivers in the Bay Area really do suck. The insurance for the other driver called and said that their estimate from the pictures is $5800 in damage to my car. They are cutting us a check but the body shop needs to contact them if the estimate does not cover all of the damage. I am a little skittish to trust them. I am not cashing the check until I have it in writing that they will cover all of it. $5800 dollars…unbelievable. Spent a little time with Nana. Thanks for the company and the second set of eyes Nana. I took the old girl home and sat there working on this new design for a while. Not sure if I will do anything with it but it is something different. I have no idea why the colors have such an acid hue when I save them for the blog. Here is a link to the actual image.


The kiddo is now really officially done with school. He has only got his senior project to complete and he finished his last AP test today. Time to look for a job. Tomorrow evening the lovie and I are going out to celebrate our 19th Wedding Anniversary. We have a dinner reservation at a nice local restaurant. It should be good. I will have to starve tomorrow during the day to save the calories for the evening.
We officially no longer have to get up early to see a child off to school. It is wild….we can now officially sleep as long as we wish. I am going to take advantage for a while…if not why not. Next Tues night I have the animation and on Thursday the English final and then I am a free bird with lots of free time over the summer to actually work on my designs. Thanks for stopping by. Have a super weekend and remember to be kind.

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