19 years and counting

loveitI have been all consumed in creating some designs this weekend for different products. Yesterday many ideas went nowhere but today I felt like I gained some headway. I love experimenting with photoshop and illustrator using layers to create interesting effects like the one above. I have a few ideas to try out on products. This particular one actually started as one of my rose photographs. It ends up barely recognizable but I love experimenting. The art below was originally a photo that I took of a cluster of pansies. purpleflower

Last night we went out to a wonderful place for dinner. It was lovely to go somewhere special again. I do not like to eat out that much anymore since I lost the weight. They had a note on the table wishing us for our anniversary. The food was wonderful. Pricey but really great. We left the guy at home. It was a little odd because we never leave him behind. It has always been three against the world but he is old enough to go out alone or with his friends so it was our turn to just enjoy a celebration as a couple. It was such a lovely touch with each of our desserts having Happy Anniversary written in chocolate. I checked in on Facebook and the restaurant actually acknowledged our check-in. Very cute. Look at the crazy prices on the alcohol menu.

The food and weight worries never leave of course. I have really made an effort today to counterbalance last night. Although I cannot say I went overboard. I am just desperate to shed the 5-6 pounds that I have put on. Just getting back there would be a great start. I really need to try and walk daily again. Maybe the walking would put a lid on the ever creeping panic. IMG_7088


This coming week is going to be interesting. The only place I have to be this week is school on Tues night and Thursday Afternoon for my two finals and “not Jean” on Wednesday.  Whoppee. I cannot wait. ( for school to be over) I am so over it this semester. Yup! That animation class is OVER. Thank the Lord. I am not sure what I will be doing with all of the time. The boy is going to be around working on his senior project so it will be fun enjoying his company even if he is coming and going on any given day. The anxiety has been getting the better of me so maybe a quiet week at home is just what is needed.

I do have to take the Lexus to the dealership to get a quote for the repair of the damage to the Lexus from the accident. The insurance company has claimed full responsibility on behalf of the other driver. I believe the check is on the way.

Well, here is to a wonderfully productive week. I hope you have all had a super peaceful weekend. Thanks for stopping by. Happy Monday.

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  1. Elaine says:

    Desserts look delicious and the scarves absolutely winners.


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