Getting the job done

I certainly did get stuff done today. I woke up had my coffee and headed off to pick up groceries and came home and got lunch ready. I went to buy some ribbon to complete the leis and then I went to pick up a new set of sheets for the inflatable bed for the time that grandma is visiting. I finished the money leis and covered the chocolate favors in custom made wrappers. I also made a nice big lasagna from scratch. Dinner for the boys tonight and for Lovie and grandma when she arrives tomorrow night. She is coming into town for a week so that she can go to graduation on Saturday. The days are now ticking by fast. The boy seems a little introspective at the moment. Very quiet and a little sad I guess. That place has been his life and I think he is realizing that it is all over. A big thing when you have had a wonderful and successful four years of high school. I guess we will just have to be patient and calm with him. Last night he went out with friends and ended up throwing up. Not sure if it was nerves or overindulgence on too many different foods yesterday.
The food is booked for the party. The cakes are ordered. I started buying odds and ends for the party and I am pretty much set except for drinks and a few odds and ends. It is great and I like to stay ahead of the game on a crazy week like this.

So here we go full steam ahead to no more school. Choo Choo. Yikes. Now to get my mood to improve. IMG_7147

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