Funny Munny

IMG_6800I have spent the day today doing laundry and making rosettes with dollar bills. I plan on making a money lei got my girl, my kiddo and girlie’s boyfriend. I am actually enjoying the making of the flowers. I have made around 25. The boy came back from his retreat today. It was so wonderful what wonderful things the kids and teachers wrote in his yearbook. The guy is well loved. So sweet. His drama teacher wrote such a beautiful letter to him. It made us feel so proud. He is about to embark on a whole new adventure. I have been struggling so badly with sadness and seems like nana is in the same boat. I think his dad is also struggling a little. He was home for about 6 hours and he was gone again with his friends.  Lovie and I were out on a walk when he texts me to ask if we could mind if he went out. I am a pushover but oh well…..I know he is exhausted so I am so glad that his friend picked him up and she will bring him home later. His phone has died so we cannot spot where he is. He is definitely getting a new phone for a graduation present.

The graduation party is coming together nicely. I have the cakes booked. The food will be ordered tomorrow. I have the decorations. My sister has the candy “bar” buffet. Another super Pinterest idea of course. I have invited about 5 of his friends and so far three will be here for sure. It is going to be great sharing this celebration with friends and family. I am so looking forward to it.

Today I have tried to lay off the Ativan because it makes me dopey on the next day and I have jobs I want to accomplish tomorrow. I am struggling without it. I am sitting here fretting because the boy is still not home. Something I really need to get used to I guess. My mother in law arrives on Tuesday. She will be in town for a week. She is no trouble at all and possibly one of the easiest houseguests ever. I still have not Jean on Wednesday. She is crucial this week . Where is Jean when you need her? Sipping drinking mai tais on her retirement deck I guess…LOL..Oh well, I will just have to grit my teeth and try to figure out my sadness as best that I can.

Not much design went on today because I was busy with the money rosettes. I hope to post a picture of the finished products tomorrow.

Well if you are here in the USA. Have a wonderful Memorial day with your friends and family. Enjoy your week.

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