But I had a vision

IMG_7120.JPG“You are not wearing jeans to the final Senior mass at school. I am putting my foot down.”” But mom I have a vision for the style I had in mind.” Sure enough, I came down this morning and who is sitting here in black jeans and a tuxedo jacket and Chelsea boots. Yeah, you guessed. Mr. Fashionista. I conceded because this was not the hill I felt like dying on today. I am in such a low place today but I was bursting with pride when he presented his senior project. He wrote the songs, composed the music and his delivery was eloquent, stylish and confident. I sometimes cannot believe that this is the boy that did not say one word at school for years and years. He has a real confident persona. If he lets me I will post the video on the blog in a few days. He is away on Senior retreat until Sunday. He is going to be getting letters from friends and family wishing him luck. It is a school tradition that the seniors are not supposed to know about until they receive the letters. We sent in about a dozen letters from family and friends that had already graduated from school.

Yesterday I wrote my final for my English class. The final was not a problem except why in this day and age would you make people write the exam in little exercise books like it is 1985. I am now free for the summer. I need the summer to give myself an attitude adjustment and now work on the business. I am looking forward to having the time to not feel pressured to spend it on any other activity except maybe exercise. I am thinking of looking into Restorative yoga as an alternative exercise. I am looking for the physical to try and correct my spirit… Today is Saturday and we have no plans. I have not designed anything in a few days so that might be a nice activity for the rest of the day. Better than what I did yesterday…curl up in a ball on the sofa and mindlessly watch tv.

Sorry that this is a short one but life is just not that exciting right now. Chat tomorrow.


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