Not very theraputic


Elegant ladies

I am not that excited by the design above and I do not even have it attached to any product but it is was something to share. Half of it matches my mood…Black. I have anxiety strangulating me again today. It is once again that choking feeling I get when it feels like it has a stranglehold on me. It sits on my chest and feels like someone has a grip on my neck. It feels so bad that I imagine that if I could just vomit it would get rid of it. Now that is daft because that is not a solution. I am trying mindfulness again. So far not doing much good. That visit to “not Jean” just did not do it for me today. I am really not in the mood for this anymore. It is not helping me feel any better. I am thinking of just giving up on it. Not sure what I will do. At least I made it home without having a car crash this week. After the appointment, I went and pick up some milk tea for the family and I stopped off at the supermarket for a thing or two. I came home and finished off my essay for the English Class. It turns out I am registered for an honors class so I did not need any extra paperwork so the essay should count. I fought with the printer for about 45 minutes and I finally got it reconnected to the laptop to print out the essay to hand in tomorrow.

The boy is at a performing arts banquet at school this evening. I have started a habit of making extra meals for one when I am prepping dinner and putting them in the freezer. So I was able to pull a lasagna for one out of the freezer for the lovie tonight, I do not need dinner or feel like dinner so it is very handy to pull out a fully cooked (made from scratch ) meal and heat it up. Saves me cooking for one.

School is officially done tomorrow after my final and then I can spend the summer working on getting the business up and running. I have set up a separate checking account with all of my seed money in it. It is official I am now going to start keeping track of everything. I have attended this women’s mindfulness group that meets on a Thursday morning and now that I am free I think I need to go and pluck up the courage to maybe go and be with other women. We will see just how courageous I can be.

Oh well, hump day is over. Onward towards the weekend. Lovie and I have the weekend to ourselves because the boy is going on a senior retreat this weekend. Earlier that day he will be presenting his senior project. I might share the video if the video works for his presentation on Friday morning. They also have to go to Chapel for their final Senior Mass and prizegiving. Thanks for visiting. Sorry, it is all doom and gloom but I feel shit-tastic today.


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