Praise the Lord

Happy Tuesday evening. Above are two other designs that I used in some scarves yesterday. The one on the left is one of my rose photographs. Here is the link once again if you would like to see the designs on a product. Tealfeather Studios Shopvida store

I am sitting here writing this as we are watching all of the Google doodles for different students. Roll on 9pm then I am done with this class. I parked in the maintenance department’s spot. I presume they do not work at night.  Freedom. Thank the Lord.

I took the Lexus into the dealership at 9am to get the repairs done. The Hertz guy picked me up and I am stuck with a clunky Corolla with no power. Yikes. I miss the car already. I hope that it is less than the four weeks he estimated. It is our wedding anniversary today. I am not there this evening and the kiddo has gone out so Lovie is all alone. I did buy him a delicious piece of chocolate cake to celebrate…so sad that he is celebrating all alone. I spent the day at home. It was freezing so I did not venture out for a walk this afternoon. I had heart racing panic again this afternoon….or should I say free-floating angst because I am not sure of the cause. I even conked on the couch for a small little nap this afternoon. Other than that I worked on putting finishing touches on the Neruda essay that may or may not be graded as an honors paper on Thursday. I am sure that I have done it for nothing.

Tomorrow I do only have to see “not Jean” in the afternoon. Let us hope that I came come home from the appointment without getting into a car accident.

I am sitting here in the animation class watching other people’s brilliant google doodles. Mine…not so much. I stopped at the Starbucks downstairs here at school to get a small white chocolate mocha because I was cold and now I can feel in my fingers that I am having a reaction to something in the drink. My fingers are starting to ache. I should know better.

Thanks for stopping by. Happy Tuesday. I hope that you have had a more exciting day than I have had today. Good night and sweet dreams.

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