One more and done.

At the airport saying goodbye

The boy headed back to the Big Apple on Sunday. It is killing me. He is “home” safe and sound. He was so thrilled to finally have a refrigerator to himself. They had added a brand new fridge to his dorm. It is so important for kids to have food available especially when you do not have a dining hall in your dorms. Having to roam Manhattan for food when you are tired or sick is no fun. As I was typing this he text me these pictures. Look at the tape…LOL..only a male.

He was so excited that he could stock up on what he wants to eat. I am so happy for him. He was able to put on about 4-5 lb while he was here so just another 5 and he will be good.
I started my transition to my new BP meds. So far so good. Today I have my final visit to the round of Drs I had lined up. This visit is for my bad back spasms. Not sure if it is physical or mental stress….I am always skeptical because I think that I am pretty good at making myself sick with worry. I met with the new Hematologist just to introduce myself. A wonderful woman. I love woman doctors although I really did like the Cardiologist. He was wonderful. Now that the full service is over and all is good physically now just need to concentrate on the brain I guess.

Yesterday I started overhauling all the clutter that has been working on my last nerve. I cleared out all of the junk in the boy’s bathroom. I cleaned up all the crap he left lying around. The housekeeper will be here today to finish the clean. I have decided to make an effort to make this room into a good and cheerful place to work. I am planning on ordering myself a dream box craft closet as a reward once I have cleared out the crap from the garage to the third floor. The first floor has no work to do at all. I might move some of the cushions from the family room to those sofas on the first floor. I have designed some new throw pillows for the family room. I need to start believing in my ability and so that is why I am using my own designs for the new cushions. I will post pictures once they arrive.


Okie Dokie, I  better get going. I have to try and keep myself busy so I am going to go and clean out another drawer and maybe heat up my leftovers from last night for lunch.

Catch you later.

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