Another 9 units under my belt

When I went back to school it was just to learn to sew. I had figured out that it was cheaper to do a semester of sewing instruction at a local college than to go for sewing lessons. I had no intention of this becoming a work in progress towards an Associate’s degree in Digital Media. It took a lot of cajoling and prompting from my therapist to give it a try and I am really grateful that she encouraged me to go back to school. The past two days have been so stressful. The amount of stress does not match the ability needed to do well in these classes. I need not have worried as much as I did over the past few days. I really love attending classes. When the anxiety is overwhelming I just skip if I cannot cope. I try not to make a habit of skipping a class. I am pretty confident that I have all A grades this semester. My painting that I shared a few days ago was so well received my my fellow classmates. All the angst and stress was so not necessary. SanFransplattera

This is a design I came up with this week for a design challenge. The theme was watercolor and your home town. Unfortunately, I was so caught up in worrying about the final week of school I missed the deadline for contest entry so I have this creation that I am really pleased with but it is helpful to get entries in on time.

I am ready for a break but I am already worried that I will be bored without any classes. In two weeks I have two summer classes online. I am a little nervous about the biology class but it is a condensed course that is done in seven weeks.

Have a good night.

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