Every Now and Then

nownthenAfter we botched the reservations last week for our anniversary dinner we decided it would be fun to go back to our wedding site and have dinner. We took the kiddo along this time. I just feel weird about leaving him at home and going out for an anniversary dinner. He did not have any plans so he came along. It is difficult with an only child. IMG_2032

It was a lovely evening. We got to sit outside overlooking the courtyard where we were supposed to be married. The wind that day was wild so the rushed everything inside.  The food was very good and the waitstaff were amazing, It was worth the 25 mile drive for a meal.

It was funny that the boy said that he had always presumed that we were married in a church….oops.

I am so glad school is over for now. My online summer semester starts in two weeks.  I plan on spending time on designs and listing them on products for sale on various websites.

I hope my fellow Americans are having a peaceful memorial day weekend. Please remember that Memorial Day is not just about BBQs. Remember our servicemen and women and their sacrifices.

God Bless and may you find peace in your life.

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