Not perfect but better

IMG_7452So this is the table that has been tweaked, I think that it is more attractive now. I also received new scarves and purses. The ones that I had hope would be here have not arrived yet. My anxiety is still stifling. I had a good long chat with not Jean on Wednesday. She has differing opinions to actual Jean so my brain was a little fried.Slightly differing opinions which is to be expected but now it is to make sense of both and decide what I think and want.  I want this to be a success but does it have to be that now. I never thought of it that way. If it is so distressing to stand and sell to strangers then is it the right thing for me now. I have a lot of emotions because of the kiddo leaving. I have booked three more farmers markets and one flea market. I will have to see how it goes and assess how good it is for me to be doing this right now. I will keep on designing. Maybe her suggestion on concentrating on getting it to stores instead might be good. I am in really bad shape most days. So frustrating. Today I had a quiet day at home. I actually blew the dust out of the sewing machine and made three little coin purses. The machine was so dirty inside I had to use a air canister to clean out the fluff and now it is working pretty well.

Boy went and took his girl to the beach tonight to watch the sunset. He is so smitten with her and it is precarious because she is still in high school and being a senior this year she has a lot of things to think about. Young love…so complicated. fullsizeoutput_5dd4Tomorrow is Friday. I am heading down to the south-bay to go to lunch with Papa and my sister and her girls. I want to go to Reconstructive Yoga tomorrow evening. I am looking forward to it. Well watch for pictures from our Indian Lunch tomorrow.


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